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Hйctor Jimйnez a.k.a 3ctick, born in catastrophic and sublime Mexico City, from youth begin with the music's pleasure and of the whole environment of her, their road begins in the music with electronic tendencies with artists like The Prodigy among several…
Adrian Hernandez started painting in his hometown in Mexico City, making Spray Paint art since 1993. In 1997, he moved to San Francisco
Alanita Muscaria is a 18 yo girl from Florianуpolis - Brasil and is now being recognized in the dark brazilian psytrance mafia with her powerfull mixing style and insane music selection.
The official label DJ and co-founder of Mistress of Evil Records, Amanda is highly respected within the San Francisco community and beyond. She is well known and loved for her unrelenting and unforgiving DJ set that takes dancers for a dark journey they'll never forget.
Ankur is spinning records under his real name with 50% blood from India, but grew up in West Germany. His first contact with electronic music came with the trance wave back in 1999 through his older brother, and by the end of the year he was hooked and going to most of the parties.
Coming from the Sonoran Desert in northern Mexico, where the sun beats like the flames from hell, is an trance artist equally hot - Audiopathik, bringing psychedelic sounds to all those who enjoy travelling into the shadows
I am a psychedelic trance dj/producer living in Berkeley, California. I have been a dj since 2000 and my styles have varied during the course of the past few years...
This project is the collaboration of Luiz and Fabio. Coming from very different musical background ( Metal & Punk bands), in 1998, they both moved from the traditionnal bands and instruments to electronic music
Blisargon Demogorgon real name is Valentino Trencev and he is originally from Macedonia, born in the year of 1982 in the capital city Skopje
Felipe, Marcelo, and Theirry are all from Sao Paulo, Brazil. They met in 2004, and since their first meeting, they saw immediately that they all had one thing in common - an interest in human flesh and blood, and the psychedelic scene.
Charalambos Pieris from Cyprus (Greece), is the mind behind the project CLAW. He was born in 1978, and has been producing since 2001.
Cymazz is the brainchild of John Revis, a Greek musical composer hailing from Athens. Quickly rising in popularity, his dark twisted sounds have earned him a reputation as "an alien from another planet," and his music is known as being powerful, with a twisted nerve
Darknoizz is a merger of two Israeli artists - Tsabeat and Energy Loop. They joined forces in May 2005 to create a different, wacky, high BPM style of psychedelic trance characterized by powerful dancefloor energy.
Datagrama is a Portuguese project who manipulates and creates visual and audiovisual/multimedia expressions in diferents territories of sense, image and party concepts
Datakult is Raphael Befort, born in France in 1976 .
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