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Well known among extreme psychedelic music music lovers is trance-act Horror Place. The man behind it is dj Alex ZIK from Thessaloniki (Greece) who is also responsible for Adrenal Glands and Matutero projects
This project started back in 2001 for only one reason: Damme was a local psytrance dj and as the musical tracklist he wanted to present to himself and the crowd was unexistant, he tought he can try to create it himself
Iron Madness (Ziv Vanier) born in 1986, lives in city Quiryat Ata, Israel.
Ka-Sol is a Swedishpsychedelic trance project. Currently, the only active member is Christer Lundström, past members include Jens Kvisler and Mikael Svensson
Monica is a Mexican visual artist currently she lives in Mexico city, working as a VJ.
Pablo Valdes is the name behind Kashyyk. Born in 1977 in Mexico City, he began playing guitar at the age of 14. By age 18, he was playing professionally, performing for bands and singers, and working as a session musician in the meantime.
Kerosene Club is Brian Fernandes, who was born in Goa in 1976, but lived all his life in Mumbai. His musical inspirations are deeply rooted in his childhood, where he was exposed to all kinds of musical styles
salvador campos was born in the city of guadalajara mexico in 1982, he started to produce with influences in house and drum and bass in 2000 he changed his style where he meets oscar gonzales who since 14 he played electric guitar and was studying music prouction he changed his guitars for softwares to produce dark underground music in 2005 kuuxum project is born who have joined the leading force of mexican dark trance
MAGMA OHM (xilium rec./ shaman films measured/trancemoon) Carlos Lessa studied bassguitar and keyboards since the 15 years passing for some sources of music, since the rock-gradual one to the Heavy-metal, and had its first contact with electronic music in 1998
Pedro Corona aka master pain was born in Guadalajara mexico in 1984. in 2001 he found out about trance musik soon he finds interests to produce his own and make his own style with fruity loops, master pain project is born, playing live at few events in his home town menawhile he redefines his own style, and upgrades to more advance software like cubase and ableton live, wave lab etc having more control.
Jose Marro A.K.A. Mezcalito was born in Mexico City, and since he was a little kid, his life was strongly influenced by music. By the year 2000 he discovered trance music, thanks to his mother, who gave him Juno Reactor's "Bible of Dreams"
I am a psychedelic trance dj/producer living in Berkeley, California. I have been a dj since 2000 and my styles have varied during the course of the past few years...
The n3xu5 project was started by miguel and david in september 2001, this name occur to us in a certain night at freds house suria, when we were talking about the popular stracraft game. My music is about the day by day feelings and emotions and the events in my life
The Necropsycho was created by Nuccho (dj and producer) and Hermann (guitarist and producer), since 2003, Brazil - Sгo Paulo. Dark makes the style, with torn timbres and heavy melodies that create an atmosphere obscure and influenced by hardcore, gabba, industrial more riffs of guitar.
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