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Aaron Peacock aka oCeLoT makes music of all sorts. He travels Planet Earth playing his special strains of PsyTrance. Aaron came from a musical family and plays lots of instruments. As a child he wanted to be an orchestra conductor when he grew up.
Orestis was born at Athens, Greece (1980).The first musical expiriences were in metal / gothic / and hardcore sounds.Psychedelic scene has come in to his life at 1996, as he discovered a new dimension in electronical music and since 2001 he starting djing
Proyecto integrado por Said a.k.a. (chai) y Axel. Ellos se conosieron en la Cd. de Mexico, lugar del cual son originarios; por un amigo en comun, antes de que esto sucediera; ellos ya asistian a fiestas Rave, por las cuales fueron forjando el gusto por el psytrance
Nikita Tselovalnikov, the producer behind Penta, started to make music when he was twelve years old. Nikita attended music school and played in countless rock, punk and industrial projects now forgotten by history, where he grew up in Leningrad, Russia. In 1991 he relocated to the California, and currently lives in San Jose.
Phobos Azazel real name is Darko Novevski.He is from Macedonia , born in 1981 in the capital city Skopje.First time he hear about trance music is on his 15 years and till his 20 years when he meet Valentino (Blisargon Demogorgon) his friend all so, he deicide to producing his own music …
Charalambos Pieris from Cyprus (Greece), is the mind behind the project CLAW. He was born in 1978, and has been producing since 20 His involv
rocs is Mikael Stegman from Stockholm, Sweden. He was born in 1979 and in his early years in school his first music teacher let him play the piano on the breaks. This soon led him into taking piano lessons and he started playing classical music
The music of Psilogos is characterized by a dark, insane, driving sound. They have released "Psilocibeasts" on the compilation Psychiatric Hospital Ahead!
Psychoz became psy-project from Zoran Zlatkovski 1997.His first release "Jupiter" released 2000. Begg. of 2002 followed his second release with 11 tracks on his selftitled album on Avatar Rec.Israel.
Quasar likes to combine the elements of different musical styles into Neo-goa-trance. He produces music from his humble studio in San Francisco, CA. He makes music which inspires people into a higher state of being
Red Один из первых в питере кто начал с успехом издаваться на мировых psytrancе лэйблах
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